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Office Blind Systems can supply and install a wide range of professional grade window films, printed and cut graphics and DDA manifestations. Whether one small window or an entire commercial building, we offer the highest level of professionalism from initial consultation through to completion.

Our range of quality window films cover everyday glazing issues including bomb-blast protection, security, DDA Manifestation, Regulation 14 health and safety, solar heat, UV and glare, fade protection and privacy. Our window films are used in a broad spectrum of premises including commercial, retail, healthcare, local authority, leisure, private sector and museums.

Our foremost aim is to offer a flexible and reliable service to building contractors, architects, interior fit out companies and private clients.

Solar Window Film • Anit-Glare • UV Protection
Solar Window Film.png

Our Solar Window Films, and anti-glare window films have been tried and tested in the most extreme conditions. Our solar window films reject up to 85% of the Sun’s heat, filter 99% of harmful UV rays and cut glare by up to 94%. These solar window films help reduce heat, glare and fading and help create a comfortable working environment. They have a superior scratch resistant coating and are used extensively in office, retail and public sector environments. • Contact Us
Privacy Window Film • Frosted • Etched • One-way Vision • Whiteout • Blackout
Privacy Window Film

Frosted and Etched Window Film can provide good levels of privacy whilst still allowing light to pass through. Sometimes known as Sand Blast Film, it can be fitted as all over cover or computer cut to add design and style. One-Way Vision Film allows you to look out of your window but stops others from looking in. Whiteout and Blackout where light transmission is an unwanted intrusion. It can be applied to glass to block-out an unsightly view or to allow better interior planning where office furniture can be placed next to glazing making the best use of available space. • Contact Us
Switchable Smart Film • Boardrooms • Dividing Partitions • Door Vision Panels
Switchable Window Film.png

Switchable Smart Film provides a simple and cost effective alternative to other switchable glass technologies. Smart film is retro fitted and upgrades your existing glazing into intelligent glass. A simple ON – OFF mode switches the film from being clear (transparent) to frosted (translucent). In its frosted state the film provides privacy and security for any glazed area. The film can be cut to any size to create large switchable glazed panels or partitions. This unique film technology also transforms into a high definition rear projection screen to display TV images and videos. A truly innovative product making switchable glass technology accessible to everyone. • Contact Us
Manifestation • Partitions • Collision Safe
Bespoke Manifestation

Office Blind Systems supply and install all types of bespoke manifestation. DDA manifestation is a Building Regulation requirement for glazed areas such as office partitioning which should be clearly made visible and made safe from potential collision. Office Blind Systems offer a variety of DDA manifestation solutions in the form of bespoke printed graphics and vinyl graphics to meet with any client specification or safety requirements. • Contact Us
Safety Window Film • Regulation 14 • Collision Safe • Upgrade Existing Glass
Safety Window Film

Regulation 14 is a legal requirement that states that all glazing in commercial buildings is made impact-safe. Regulation 14 states: All windows and glazed areas must be protected against breakage and safety glazing must meet BS 6206 / EN12600 standards. Health and Safety Film - Regulation 14 Film is by far the most cost efficient solution to bringing unprotected glazing up to the BS 6206 / EN12600 legal requirements. It can costs around a quarter of the price of having existing glass removed and takes a fraction of the time to supply and fit. • Contact Us
Cyber Defence Window Film • Cyber-Attack Defence • Surveillance Sheltering
Cyber Attack Window Film

Cyber-Attack has been highlighted as one of the greatest threats to national security by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Signal Defence Films are the least expensive method to mitigate the largest amount of eaves dropping and espionage techniques. Office Blind Systems can supply and install optically clear, Radio Frequency/Infra-Red (RF/IR) attenuating Ultima Signal Defence window films for Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) and RF/IR Sheltering. By creating a "cyber-wall", Ultima Signal Defence’ anti-spy window film protects against electronic eavesdropping and cyber-attack and ensures safe, secure and efficient working environments. • Contact Us
Bomb Blast Security Window Film • Bomb-Blast • Anti-Shatter • Anti-Bandit • Added Security
Bomb Blast Window Film.png

Our bomb-blast window films, anti-shatter window films, security window films and anti-bandit window films are fitted to the inside of a window and form an invisible barrier that helps keeps glass in place following an explosion. These window films help protect your people, assets, data and the contents of your building from the effects of an explosion or a malicious attack.For added protection from explosions, attempted break in's and intruder attacks, our bomb-blast window films, anti shatter window films, security window films and anti-bandit window films can be fitted with a glass anchorage system. • Contact Us