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Office Blinds for Working Environments

Office Blind Systems manufacture, supply and install blinds, for the commercial, education, leisure and public sectors. All of our products are designed to help create exceptional working environments that allow clients to perform better.

All of our blinds are built to high and exacting standards to withstand the rigours of these demanding environments as well as complying with all relevant legislation regarding non-domestic installations. We only supply our blinds with fabrics that are flame retardant to BS 5867 British standards. The end result of what we do has proved to be the products of our success.

Commercial Buildings - Offices
Blinds for Offices Blinds in commercial buildings are essential to help create an exceptional working environment. Blinds that reduce glare on computer screens and heat radiating from windows whilst diffusing direct sunlight and maintaining a view of the outside world improve the health and well-being of staff as well as reducing energy costs and the improving the environmental performance of the building. • Contact Us
Education - Schools, Colleges and Universities
Blinds for Education

We have supplied and installed thousands of blinds to hundreds of schools, colleges and universities. Our high quality, robust and child safe blinds combined with high-performance fabrics are designed to stand-up to the rigours of the school and education environment whilst ensuring that maintenance is kept to a minimum. • Contact Us
Leisure and Hospitality - Hotels, Bars and Restaurants
Blinds for Bars, Pubs and Restaurants

Finding that something special and the need to look good at the same time as being robust, easy to use and in accordance with all fire and safety regulations that apply to buildings where the public have access. We have supplied and installed all types of blinds for numerous restaurants, bars, football stadiums, hotels and anti-glare blinds in museums and art galleries where light control is essential. • Contact Us
Public Sector - Hospitals, Sports Centres and Local Authority Buildings
Blinds for Hospitals

Office Blind Systems manufacture, supply and install blinds for the public sector i.e. hospitals, libraries, youth centres, health centres, sports centres and local authority buildings both directly and with architects and contractors. We only supply flame retardant fabrics to ensure any blinds we provide comply with the necessary fire regulations to BS 5876 for public buildings. We are fully conversant with BS EN 13120 Child Safety legislation and regulations and can provide anti-microbial blinds and laser resistant blinds to meet hospital safety and hygiene requirements. • Contact Us